The biggest win in online casino history

Everybody dreams of hitting the really juicy jackpots when they play at online casinos, but extremely few people actually get to experience it. In reality, you’re probably more likely to get run over by a train than you are winning the jackpot. But every now and then, fortune strikes and leaves one happy camper financially settled for life.

In 2011 a Norwegian player got lucky when he was playing on a casino website. The game he played was Mega Fortune, famous for its huge progressive Mega Jackpot. At the time he was playing, the jackpot hadn’t been won for a very long time, so instead of being worth €5.000.000 it had risen to over €11.000.000 at the time he won it. The total sum that, in just a split second, popped up on his account balance was €11.736.375!

And you know what the funny thing was? He wasn’t even playing with his own money! In the morning he had logged in to check his email, and found an email from the betting operator saying he had gotten 10 free spins on the machine. He logged in and started playing, and managed to win a few euro’s on his freespins. Then he betted €0.50, a relatively small amount when he finally hit the incredible jackpot! After that, Mega Fortune have gotten mega popular – you can visit sites to find out which online casinos have Mega Fortune in their selection of casino games!