Three things you should NEVER do in online poker!

Here are three of the most classic mistakes made by poker players. Avoid these at all costs and don’t fall in to the traps, trust me it’s easy to do!

  • Playing too many pots. Far too many new players are way to eager to play as many hands as possible. This result in them playing hands that might only be of medium quality, which means that they are not likely win in the long run. The fact is, and especially if you’re a beginner, that you should ONLY be playing really good hands and when you do: play them hard!
  • Tilting after a bad beat. It can be extremely frustrating to have someone luck you out completely, and it’s easy to let your emotions go overboard and start playing recklessly. When you feel yourself going in to tilt, simply sit out for a few hands and focus on something else until you feel a bit calm again.
  • Overvaluing medium hands. Hitting a pair of aces on the flop is a good thing, but if everyone’s betting into the flop you better be aggressive and try to take them out early. Chances are that after the turn and the river those aces might not be very good anymore.

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