The Secrets of Casinos

You’ve probably heard of casino secrets before, but they might not be what you thought. Some people seem to think that certain video slots are programmed to payout at certain times, when in fact the real secrets are what the casino does to get your focus off the obvious. This article focuses on land based casinos, to find out about online casino secrets and how to play casino, visit Eurogambler!

One of the most important things that casinos, online or land based, does not want you to realize is that if you use your mind properly and think rationally, you can actually make some good money when playing, but usually people set all logic aside when they enter the casino grounds or the online website. Stimulated by the sounds of the machines, stacking of chips and people winning big, they immediately start thinking of what they themselves are going to do when they win.

The key to successful gambling is without doubt being able to keep it cool and use your head. The first thing to keep in mind is that the large jackpots are extremely rare and hardly worth aiming for in the first place. So instead of trying to get rich in one single lucky bet, whether it be a slot machine or at the roulette wheel, aim to win a large amount of small bets by using the proper strategies composed by experts.

Next time you enter an online or a land based casino, go to the roulette table and play either red or black for €10. If you double your bet every time you win, you can make €100 in less than 30 minutes, and if you are superstitious, wait to sit down at the table and wait for the wheel to hit the same color at least four times in a row, and then bet on the other color. Although there is no mathematical proof that the next color is not going to be the same as the previous four spins, it seems reasonable, right? After you’ve managed to make some money you could start placing other bets, but remember to bet outside the board. You much rather play at the odds of 4 to 1 than 40 to 1. Of course you still need to get lucky, but several times I’ve managed to make a lot of money this way, I’ve managed to turn €10 into €400 in just a few hours, which is by no means a fortune, but you’re not likely to become a millionaire overnight anyway!

Try looking for a clock or even a window next time you visit a land based casino, and in almost every case you will realize that there are none. This is another secret casinos use to keep you on the grounds of the premises. They don’t want you to focus on time as you play, as it is likely to lead you into eventually leave the casino when you realize it’s late. The same thing goes for windows. If you’ve had a late night at the casino and all of a sudden you start seeing beams of light sneak in between the blinds and realize that the morning is here, would you keep on playing? Probably not, normal people tend to go straight home to sleep when they realize how long they’ve actually been up for. The reason casinos want you to stay up late to play is to get you a bit tired. Although still awake from the adrenaline you get from gambling, you mind is likely to get more and more tired, and be more and more likely to make decisions that have not been thought through properly. Always remember that casinos want to make profit, they don’t want you to win, but that if you do keep your head clear you can actually make profit yourself.

Another trick they use is to have very nice furniture and rugs around the games with the worst odds for the player, while simultaneously having ugly carpets around the exits of the casino. This is simply to make not want to leave the casino!

Keep this information in the back of your head next time you go to play at a casino, and you’ll remember not to get sucked in to the mind tricks they try to play on you!