Who plays online bingo?

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world amongst older people, with millions and millions of people going to their local bingo halls, both to play the game as well as to socialize with other people. When bingo went online, many more people, in all ages, have discovered this fantastic game.

It’s not a myth that most of the people that are interested in Bingo are women, but with the online revolution of the game, it’s much more common for men to play as well. The number of bingo websites on the internet seems endless, and you are likely to find something that suits you perfectly, whether you are there for the bonuses, to socialize or just to have a good time.

It was during the late 1990’s that online bingo websites started to enter the world wide web. Bingo was actually among the first gambling related games on the internet and quickly got popular which led the industry to almost explode in the early 2000’s. Over the past ten years well over a thousand different bingo websites have established themselves on the blooming market, with millions of customers world-wide. You can find some of the best bingo websites on bingo.li.

Whereas before, online bingo players played simply for the game of bingo, but in later years the bingo rooms have become much more technically developed and these days bingo is just part of the fun. Often you have the option to play slot games on the side of the bingo. Another very popular feature is to have a chat room in the bingo client in which the website’s players can get to know each other, socialize and find friends who share their interests and hobbies.

Although the live bingo halls still exists, and probably still going well, more and more people are choosing to play online instead of going to the halls. It’s just simply more interesting to have an opportunity to meet new  people from all over the world, instead of the same old gang that goes to the local bingo hall.

Another great thing about online bingo is that they can offer bonuses that live bingo halls simply can’t match. To find the best bonuses and to play bingo gratis, try visiting websites such as bingo. Many sites will give you some free money simply for signing up at a website, and furthermore you often get a bonus on your first deposit as well.