Bingo Chat Hosts

Chat moderators are what really brings an online bingo website to life. They are the ones responsible for everyone’s comfort in the chat room, and they always keep a good vibe in the chat room by telling anecdotes and funny stories about their life outside the chat room. It’s not at all uncommon for the players on the website to become good friends with the chat moderator. On the same note, it can be absolutely fatal for a bingo website to lose a popular chat moderator. In many ways, the chat moderators are what differs one bingo from the other. The game itself is pretty much the same everywhere; it’s only the design that differs, so that makes it easy for people to jump to another website if their favorite CM leaves his job.

One of the most popular activities the chat moderator arranges is the chat games. These games are played in the chat room on the side of the actual bingo game that’s going on, although these games are also based on the numbers that come up on the call board. A popular chat game is called “The Ladder” where a player picks 3 or 4 numbers in a row, for example 10 11 12 13. He then has to wait for these numbers to be called out in order to win. Each chat game has a set of winners, how many depends on the game and the bingo website, but usually there are three winners. These players then win free money that they can buy bingo cards for. As a recommendation, Balloon Bingo is popular for their chat games, which are free to participate in. The chat games are usually free to participate in as long as you have bought bingo cards, so it’s a great way to get some extra money without having to risk losing any.

Another important part of a chat moderator’s job is to make sure that everyone in the chat rooms behaves properly and act respectful towards the other players. Bingo can be a frustrating game, and you don’t always win. Sometimes when players hit a losing streak their mood can sink, and sometimes they might show their frustration in the chat room. Although it’s alright to be angry because you’re not winning, there’s no need to take it out on other players when you might just as well keep it to yourself. You wouldn’t want other people complaining about you winning, would you? If a play act inappropriately in the chat room, the moderator will most likely give him a warning and encourage him to cheer up. However, if the player keeps his bad behavior, the chat moderator might turn off the player’s chat function for a period of time. In worst case scenario, the player might be banned from the website, although it’s quite rare.

Apart from these things, the CM also helps you with everyday enquiries and problems you might come across using the website. All in all, there would be no online bingo without our great chat moderators, so try your best to make sure that they are having as good a time as you are.