Payout Percentages

The vast majority of players that play regularly on the most popular casino games have not got a clue of what payout rates even means. Even some of the most experienced gamblers might have heard of the phrase, but pays no attention to it. The fact is that it’s one of the determining factors to whether your will lose or win in a game. It provides you with information that can be very helpful when choosing the games that you want to play.

Some players seem to think, when first seeing the payout percentage of a particular game on a website, that it is the amount they are expected to win at the game. This of course not the case at all, in fact it’s the complete opposite. These numbers shows the statistical house edge that a casino has over the player, meaning how much a player will get back in return for every bet that they make.

Let’s say that a video slot has a payout percentage of 95%. This means that the machine will keep 5% of everything that is being betted on the game. This does of course not mean that for every €10 bet you make you will get €9.5 back, but in the long run that is how the numbers will look. This means that one person might win big, but several other people loses on the machine.

It’s very beneficial for a player to inform himself with the payout percentages when deciding on what games to play. The more well known and reliable operators will be reviewed by game testing companies, that will determine the payout percentages of every game. They will then be released on the website, whit one number for all the games in the casino combined, and then again for every single game in the casino. So when you compare casinos, make sure to look for the one that has the highest payout percentages for the games that you enjoy the most, as well as choosing a casino with a high payout percentage for all the games combined. At portals like or casino online you can find a wide selection of casinos with low payout percentages.

The most popular casinos will usually have all the figures for the payout percentages available on the website for players to have a look at, but should you find that it’s not displayed for a particular game, you can always get in touch with the customer service team on the website in order to receive this information. Always make sure to compare the payout percentages for certain games at different casinos before deciding where to play, as it can have great impacts on your end results. Payout percentages are really easy to understand so there’s no real reason not to have a look at them. Just keep in mind that it’s just an expected value over time, and just because a game has a high payout percentage does not mean that you will not lose a lot of money on that machine. The casino will always have a slight advantage over the player (that’s how they make their money), so you are in fact always a tiny bit more likely to lose than to win in an online casino.

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