Bingo Chat Hosts

Chat moderators are what really brings an online bingo website to life. They are the ones responsible for everyone’s comfort in the chat room, and they always keep a good vibe in the chat room by telling anecdotes and funny stories about their life outside the chat room. It’s not at all uncommon for the players on the website to become good friends with the chat moderator. On the same note, it can be absolutely fatal for a bingo website to lose a popular chat moderator. In many ways, the chat moderators are what differs one bingo from the other. The game itself is pretty much the same everywhere; it’s only the design that differs, so that makes it easy for people to jump to another website if their favorite CM leaves his job.

One of the most popular activities the chat moderator arranges is the chat games. These games are played in the chat room on the side of the actual bingo game that’s going on, although these games are also based on the numbers that come up on the call board. A popular chat game is called “The Ladder” where a player picks 3 or 4 numbers in a row, for example 10 11 12 13. He then has to wait for these numbers to be called out in order to win. Each chat game has a set of winners, how many depends on the game and the bingo website, but usually there are three winners. These players then win free money that they can buy bingo cards for. As a recommendation, Balloon Bingo is popular for their chat games, which are free to participate in. The chat games are usually free to participate in as long as you have bought bingo cards, so it’s a great way to get some extra money without having to risk losing any.

Another important part of a chat moderator’s job is to make sure that everyone in the chat rooms behaves properly and act respectful towards the other players. Bingo can be a frustrating game, and you don’t always win. Sometimes when players hit a losing streak their mood can sink, and sometimes they might show their frustration in the chat room. Although it’s alright to be angry because you’re not winning, there’s no need to take it out on other players when you might just as well keep it to yourself. You wouldn’t want other people complaining about you winning, would you? If a play act inappropriately in the chat room, the moderator will most likely give him a warning and encourage him to cheer up. However, if the player keeps his bad behavior, the chat moderator might turn off the player’s chat function for a period of time. In worst case scenario, the player might be banned from the website, although it’s quite rare.

Apart from these things, the CM also helps you with everyday enquiries and problems you might come across using the website. All in all, there would be no online bingo without our great chat moderators, so try your best to make sure that they are having as good a time as you are.

Losing streaks and how to handle them

In the world of sports betting you better get used to both ups and downs. No one is good enough to place winning bets a 100% of the time, it’s completely unrealistic, and beside, no matter how sure someone is of a game there is always a factor of randomness that can change the whole game around, even though the end result might seem easy to predict at first.

As your game progresses the winning streaks are going to get longer and more consistent and you losing streaks will hopefully become short and not so painful. But in the beginning, especially for newbies, it can be hard accept that whatever you do, the results don’t come and you’re not getting rich. So what is the way to handle a losing streak when you feel it coming?

First of all, the key to successful betting is discipline. At all times, you should keep your emotions at bay and not let them affect your decisions. It’s important to understand that if you keep to your initial strategy at all times, you are much more likely to make profit in the long run, and that’s the right kind of profit. People who always take massive risk may win a lot at times, but they always end up taking one risk to many and end up losing and go back to square one again. If you want more information on how to get your strategy down, I’ve found a few articles on which have been helpful for me when I was learning about sports betting.

Second of all, when you do hit a losing streak it is easy to almost panic and start increasing your bets to quickly win back whatever losses you have suffered. Strange as it sounds, the right way of dealing with it is to instead decreasing the size’s of your bets when your total bankroll gets smaller. This way it might take you a little bit longer to get back on track again, but when you bet big, there’s just too much of a risk to lose even more.

When on a losing streak it’s easy to lose hope as well, thinking that maybe you’re not as good as you thought you were, or that you are just haunted by bad luck. Instead, try to realize that it’s just the element of randomness that causes this to happen at times, and there’s no way for you to control this, but to stick to the plan and go at it. Eventually it will turn around, and hopefully you will hit a long winning streak soon enough!

Three things you should NEVER do in online poker!

Here are three of the most classic mistakes made by poker players. Avoid these at all costs and don’t fall in to the traps, trust me it’s easy to do!

  • Playing too many pots. Far too many new players are way to eager to play as many hands as possible. This result in them playing hands that might only be of medium quality, which means that they are not likely win in the long run. The fact is, and especially if you’re a beginner, that you should ONLY be playing really good hands and when you do: play them hard!
  • Tilting after a bad beat. It can be extremely frustrating to have someone luck you out completely, and it’s easy to let your emotions go overboard and start playing recklessly. When you feel yourself going in to tilt, simply sit out for a few hands and focus on something else until you feel a bit calm again.
  • Overvaluing medium hands. Hitting a pair of aces on the flop is a good thing, but if everyone’s betting into the flop you better be aggressive and try to take them out early. Chances are that after the turn and the river those aces might not be very good anymore.

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The biggest win in online casino history

Everybody dreams of hitting the really juicy jackpots when they play at online casinos, but extremely few people actually get to experience it. In reality, you’re probably more likely to get run over by a train than you are winning the jackpot. But every now and then, fortune strikes and leaves one happy camper financially settled for life.

In 2011 a Norwegian player got lucky when he was playing on a casino website. The game he played was Mega Fortune, famous for its huge progressive Mega Jackpot. At the time he was playing, the jackpot hadn’t been won for a very long time, so instead of being worth €5.000.000 it had risen to over €11.000.000 at the time he won it. The total sum that, in just a split second, popped up on his account balance was €11.736.375!

And you know what the funny thing was? He wasn’t even playing with his own money! In the morning he had logged in to check his email, and found an email from the betting operator saying he had gotten 10 free spins on the machine. He logged in and started playing, and managed to win a few euro’s on his freespins. Then he betted €0.50, a relatively small amount when he finally hit the incredible jackpot! After that, Mega Fortune have gotten mega popular – you can visit sites to find out which online casinos have Mega Fortune in their selection of casino games!

The increasing popularity of online Bingo

The online chat that is connected to most bingo rooms is one of the main reasons to why online bingo websites has become so popular. It brings a community feel to the website where plays can make friends with each other.

When bingo went online it opened at door to a much broader spectrum of players. A decade ago, bingo was a game played by elder women. These days people of all ages play the game, although it might be for different reasons. Younger people tend to use the chatroom more, and are much more interested in making as much money as they can. Elder people seem to play the game as they always have, as a past-time that they enjoy. With online bingo you have much more variation that you have when you go to a normal bingo hall. Don’t be surprised if you’ll find up to 10 different bingo rooms on the same website, with different types of bingo as well as different sizes in jackpots. As many people can joining the rooms, prizes often go much higher than they do I live bingo.

Usually, when you log in to you online bingo account and enter the room, you get to choose how many cards you want to buy. Usually one card consists of three different individual grids with numbers. The most common way of playing bingo online is using an automated pen marker. This means that you don’t have to mark your cards by yourself anymore, although you can if you will. As an extra benefit you don’t have to worry about getting ink stains on your fingers, and also that you can leave the game quickly in case the phone or door bell would ring.

Often times, bingo is something that families do together, and this is another reason to why bingo has gained such popularity. Nowadays, even though a family might live miles apart, they can still log on to a bingo website and play together, and keep in touch via the chat function. Most well reputed bingo websites have a modern chat room on the side of the bingo in which you can see which players are online, as well as sending smiley faces and text. Some bingo rooms even have private chat rooms if you would like to talk with your closest friends without having to worry about other people interfering. Unlike live bingo, online bingo offers you the opportunity to play the game, wherever, whenever and with whoever you want to!

In general, you could say that there are two main different age groups in online bingo. One of them is the people between 45 and 60years of age, which is most likely the largest group. But there’s also a much younger crowd that have just had their eyes opened to bingo, and with it being available online they’re eager to try it out. Bingo websites knows this, of course, and that is also the reason that a lot of websites have pinpointed their marketing to one of the two age groups. The “younger” websites often have cool and modern design with a fast paced game, where as the bingo’s that focus on the older group often have more traditional websites. Find out what sort of bingo website suits you, try visiting review websites such as Juegos del Bingo!