Payout Percentages

The vast majority of players that play regularly on the most popular casino games have not got a clue of what payout rates even means. Even some of the most experienced gamblers might have heard of the phrase, but pays no attention to it. The fact is that it’s one of the determining factors to whether your will lose or win in a game. It provides you with information that can be very helpful when choosing the games that you want to play.

Some players seem to think, when first seeing the payout percentage of a particular game on a website, that it is the amount they are expected to win at the game. This of course not the case at all, in fact it’s the complete opposite. These numbers shows the statistical house edge that a casino has over the player, meaning how much a player will get back in return for every bet that they make.

Let’s say that a video slot has a payout percentage of 95%. This means that the machine will keep 5% of everything that is being betted on the game. This does of course not mean that for every €10 bet you make you will get €9.5 back, but in the long run that is how the numbers will look. This means that one person might win big, but several other people loses on the machine.

It’s very beneficial for a player to inform himself with the payout percentages when deciding on what games to play. The more well known and reliable operators will be reviewed by game testing companies, that will determine the payout percentages of every game. They will then be released on the website, whit one number for all the games in the casino combined, and then again for every single game in the casino. So when you compare casinos, make sure to look for the one that has the highest payout percentages for the games that you enjoy the most, as well as choosing a casino with a high payout percentage for all the games combined. At portals like or casino online you can find a wide selection of casinos with low payout percentages.

The most popular casinos will usually have all the figures for the payout percentages available on the website for players to have a look at, but should you find that it’s not displayed for a particular game, you can always get in touch with the customer service team on the website in order to receive this information. Always make sure to compare the payout percentages for certain games at different casinos before deciding where to play, as it can have great impacts on your end results. Payout percentages are really easy to understand so there’s no real reason not to have a look at them. Just keep in mind that it’s just an expected value over time, and just because a game has a high payout percentage does not mean that you will not lose a lot of money on that machine. The casino will always have a slight advantage over the player (that’s how they make their money), so you are in fact always a tiny bit more likely to lose than to win in an online casino.

A community of traders

In the forex trading world, everyone have their own kind of strategy that works for them (hopefully!). Sure, there are several different strategy guides online, some of which are full of great, useful information, but somehow we tend to take that information, use it, but make our own tweaks to it resulting in a more personal strategy. That is what so good about Forex trading. It makes it much more diverse than for example online gambling, where there are mathematically calculated strategies that are optimal for each and every game, and yet they don’t even give us the upper hand in the game.

So when I first started trading currencies, I didn’t know much about it. I had read some guides, but they were mainly about how to actually execute a trade and not so much about strategy. It was not until after a few months that I actually started to get in to the theory of it all, and that is also the point where I first started to make good profit of trading.

As for theory, there are many ways to find good information. Thankfully enough, most forex brokers today offer basic strategy guides and articles on how to turn things in your favor. There are also websites such as, which isn’t a broker, but a portal to currency trading which helps people to get going as well as providing recommendations of good online forex brokers with a good reputation. There’s another website called cambio divisas which is targeted towards spanish speaking traders.

I think the guides re all well and good, they are great for picking up the basics and get going butif you ask me personally where I have gained the most valuable knowledge, the answer is simple: from fellow traders! There are certain forex brokers out there which have put  great deal of effort in to making their platforms into a social network as well as a trading centre. This means you can get access to see what other people are trading as well as exchanging tips on good future trades, but it’s also a great place to network and make new friends. If you are interested in currency trading, wouldn’t you like to have some friends that have the same interest?

Who plays online bingo?

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world amongst older people, with millions and millions of people going to their local bingo halls, both to play the game as well as to socialize with other people. When bingo went online, many more people, in all ages, have discovered this fantastic game.

It’s not a myth that most of the people that are interested in Bingo are women, but with the online revolution of the game, it’s much more common for men to play as well. The number of bingo websites on the internet seems endless, and you are likely to find something that suits you perfectly, whether you are there for the bonuses, to socialize or just to have a good time.

It was during the late 1990’s that online bingo websites started to enter the world wide web. Bingo was actually among the first gambling related games on the internet and quickly got popular which led the industry to almost explode in the early 2000’s. Over the past ten years well over a thousand different bingo websites have established themselves on the blooming market, with millions of customers world-wide. You can find some of the best bingo websites on

Whereas before, online bingo players played simply for the game of bingo, but in later years the bingo rooms have become much more technically developed and these days bingo is just part of the fun. Often you have the option to play slot games on the side of the bingo. Another very popular feature is to have a chat room in the bingo client in which the website’s players can get to know each other, socialize and find friends who share their interests and hobbies.

Although the live bingo halls still exists, and probably still going well, more and more people are choosing to play online instead of going to the halls. It’s just simply more interesting to have an opportunity to meet new  people from all over the world, instead of the same old gang that goes to the local bingo hall.

Another great thing about online bingo is that they can offer bonuses that live bingo halls simply can’t match. To find the best bonuses and to play bingo gratis, try visiting websites such as bingo. Many sites will give you some free money simply for signing up at a website, and furthermore you often get a bonus on your first deposit as well.

What games have the best odds?

Online casino gaming can be very rewarding, and that’s not only because of the entertainment it offers. A lot of people manage to win at casino websites, thanks to good strategies, and of course some gamblers will win more than others. It’s common knowledge, however, that casino games are designed to give the house a little advantage over the player, to ensure that the business is profitable. This is called the “house edge” and it’s the casino’s expected long run profit from every wager that the players make. So for example, if you are playing a casino game that has a 4% house edge and make €10 bet, the casino will make a profit of €0,4 and pay out the remaining €9,6 as winnings to the gambler. However, this is just the mathematical form for it, and not how every single bet goes, but in the long run the casino is expecting to make a 4% profit on the total amount of wagers made on that particular game.

Of course, this does not mean that the casino will beat every single player by a 4% margin every single time. Some players still win big, and some players loose, and it all just comes down to random luck in the end. This goes for all types of gambling and lottery based games. You can find out more on sites like!

On to another very interesting question: Do all casino games have the same house edge or do some games offer a greater chance of winning than others?

In general, casino games that involve an element of skill, such as blackjack or poker, have a lower house edge than other games. These games involve strategy though, that needs to be employed properly in order to take advantage of the low house edge. If you do not know the rules of the games that involve skills you are more likely to lose than in other non-skilled based games.

When the proper strategy is played in casino blackjack, the house edge can be as small as 0.5%. In craps the odds are also good at around 8%. Depending on the game-version, video poker offers a house edge between 05-5% if you follow the correct strategy.

Roulette has a higher house edge (5.5%) and baccarat a medium edge of 1.6%.

The odds change quite dramatically when it comes to one of the most famous features of any online casino, the slot machines. The odds are remarkably lower on these games with a house edge of between 5-17% on progressive jackpot slots, and 1-17% on flat top videoslots.

The worst odds are offered by the game of Keno where the house has a 25% advantage over the player.

A great website for people who like to play casino online is, a website that has build a list with casinos that have some of the highest payout rates in the buisness.

This is only some rough guidelines, of course. The odds can change from casino to casino, as some offer better payout rates than others as they compete for customers, but much of it will also depend on the choices you as a player make on the tables.

The Secrets of Casinos

You’ve probably heard of casino secrets before, but they might not be what you thought. Some people seem to think that certain video slots are programmed to payout at certain times, when in fact the real secrets are what the casino does to get your focus off the obvious. This article focuses on land based casinos, to find out about online casino secrets and how to play casino, visit Eurogambler!

One of the most important things that casinos, online or land based, does not want you to realize is that if you use your mind properly and think rationally, you can actually make some good money when playing, but usually people set all logic aside when they enter the casino grounds or the online website. Stimulated by the sounds of the machines, stacking of chips and people winning big, they immediately start thinking of what they themselves are going to do when they win.

The key to successful gambling is without doubt being able to keep it cool and use your head. The first thing to keep in mind is that the large jackpots are extremely rare and hardly worth aiming for in the first place. So instead of trying to get rich in one single lucky bet, whether it be a slot machine or at the roulette wheel, aim to win a large amount of small bets by using the proper strategies composed by experts.

Next time you enter an online or a land based casino, go to the roulette table and play either red or black for €10. If you double your bet every time you win, you can make €100 in less than 30 minutes, and if you are superstitious, wait to sit down at the table and wait for the wheel to hit the same color at least four times in a row, and then bet on the other color. Although there is no mathematical proof that the next color is not going to be the same as the previous four spins, it seems reasonable, right? After you’ve managed to make some money you could start placing other bets, but remember to bet outside the board. You much rather play at the odds of 4 to 1 than 40 to 1. Of course you still need to get lucky, but several times I’ve managed to make a lot of money this way, I’ve managed to turn €10 into €400 in just a few hours, which is by no means a fortune, but you’re not likely to become a millionaire overnight anyway!

Try looking for a clock or even a window next time you visit a land based casino, and in almost every case you will realize that there are none. This is another secret casinos use to keep you on the grounds of the premises. They don’t want you to focus on time as you play, as it is likely to lead you into eventually leave the casino when you realize it’s late. The same thing goes for windows. If you’ve had a late night at the casino and all of a sudden you start seeing beams of light sneak in between the blinds and realize that the morning is here, would you keep on playing? Probably not, normal people tend to go straight home to sleep when they realize how long they’ve actually been up for. The reason casinos want you to stay up late to play is to get you a bit tired. Although still awake from the adrenaline you get from gambling, you mind is likely to get more and more tired, and be more and more likely to make decisions that have not been thought through properly. Always remember that casinos want to make profit, they don’t want you to win, but that if you do keep your head clear you can actually make profit yourself.

Another trick they use is to have very nice furniture and rugs around the games with the worst odds for the player, while simultaneously having ugly carpets around the exits of the casino. This is simply to make not want to leave the casino!

Keep this information in the back of your head next time you go to play at a casino, and you’ll remember not to get sucked in to the mind tricks they try to play on you!

A guide to online bingo

When you’re new to online bingo, it can be hard to know which website to choose, as there are so many options out there that it’s easy to get confused. The purpose of this article is therefore to guide you through the djungle by listing a few things you should take into consideration before signing up an online bingo website.

First of all, you should check out a couple of bingo forums. Not only is this a way to get in touch with other bingo players, but also a very good way to find out which bingo sites are good and which aren’t. On the forums, people can tip other players about a new website that they’ve found, and other people can then write down their opinions about that particular website. This should give you an idea of whether the online bingo is good or not. You have to differ between real criticisms and the ones that aren’t though. For example, if someone says they hate the website because they never win, it doesn’t mean that the website is bad; it only meant the player was unlucky there.

Another way to find good bingo online websites is visiting websites like Bingoya, which review different bingo sites online in order to determine which are the best in terms of game play, bonuses and customer service. You can find other websites of the same kind by using Google, there are a few others out there as well.

If you have friends who like bingo, especially online bingo, it’s always a good idea to ask them for advice when you’re new to the game. They probably have at least a few good websites on their mind and wouldn’t mind helping you.

When you sign up to a website, they will either have their bingo games available straight in the browser or via a downloadable client. We recommend the browser versions as they are more convenient and easy to use.

As for the financial side of things, you should always choose a bingo with a nice starting bonus. Today, a lot of bingo sites offers free money when you sign up, which can be a bonus of up t €10, which is always a nice surprise. Furthermore, you are likely to get a deposit bonus when your first transfer funds to your bingo account, so make sure to choose an online bingo website that has a beneficial starting offer suiting your needs.

A big part of online bingo, of course, is the jackpots. There’s not much in this world that beats the the blissfull feeling you get when you win a big jackpot. Different bingo websites have different bonuses, so it’s definitely a good idea to do some research before you decide where to play.

The two most common forms of bingo is 90- and 75-ball bingo. When visiting a website you will see that most of the players are in these rooms. If you are new to online bingo you should choose a website with both varieties so that you can try them both and decide which kind you like the best.

As you soon will realize, bingo isn’t much fun unless you get to socialize with people, but how do you do that in an online environment when playing from home? The answer is simple: You communicate with other people via a chat room that is connected to the bingo. This way you can talk to everyone who’s in the same bingo room as you are and make new friends, but you can also play chat games, which is a form of side game to the bingo in which you can win extra money to play bingo!

When you’ve considered all of these things, finding the right bingo room to play in shouldn’t be that hard. Remember that if you sign up for a bingo website, it doesn’t mean that you have to stay at that website. If you don’t like it, or find a new bingo that’s even better, simply close your account at the old website and open a new one with the better bingo. This way you will also get a new starting bonus to play for, which can be very beneficial!

What to look for in a binary options website

Although the selection of binary trading brokers online today isn’t nearly as large as it is in online casino gaming, for example, there are still enough brokers out there to make it hard to choose the right one. As a beginner it’s not always easy to know what sort of things to look for, but here’s a little guide to choosing the right binary broker.

Start of by finding a broker with a good selection of assets to choose from. Most brokers offer assets in stocks, indices, currencies and commodities. The reason you want to have a large selection is so that when you do get a good feeling about a certain asset, you want to quickly be able to trade it, and if you broker does not support trades in that particular asset you might find yourself having to sign up to a new broker, which will make you lose time and possibly losing money as well. The most popular assets are EUR/USD, Gold, Apple, Google and a few more, but ultimately you want to find a broker that offers all the popular assets as well as the more obscure and unknown ones.

One thing I always look at before signing up to a broker is the payout rate. You want to trade at a website that will generate as much profit as possible for a successful trade, and usually I go for websites with a minimum of 70% payout rates, although some brokers offers up to 81%. You can find trustworthy brokers with high payout rates at binary trading portals such as if you are interested, which includes reviews of trusted binary brokers that offers high payouts, binary options demo account, good support and bonuses. For spanish speaking binary traders, we warmly recommend opciones binarias.

The third thing I want to see is the websites expiry times. Different websites offer different expiry times, and I want to play at sites that offer both long and short. Certain websites today offers trades with options that have an expiry time of 60 seconds, which really gives an opportunity to make large profits in a very short amount of time. Sometimes you can also find options with expiry times of a few days. It’s always good to pick a website which has both, as you’re going to need them all.

One final thing, that I think is essential to a new trader without much experience, is to pick a broker that not only offers binary options, but also some education. Some websites have entire sections dedicated to that, where members can take part in webinars, get free eBooks as well getting assigned personal account managers, whose job it is to give advice when you need it.

Online sportsbook bonuses

Sports betting no deposit bonuses are a marketing incentive that seems to pass by a lot of new gamblers when they start betting on sports, when in fact it can be a great chance to make a wager without risking losing any of your own money. It’s also a good way to try the bookmaker out and learn their system. In the sports world, these offers are quite rare, so when you do get an opportunity of a free bonus, make sure to take it.

Well reputed bookmakers often have sign up offers which means that every player that creates an account on their website gets a free bonus. Some bookmakers can offer as much as €10 to bet for, simply by registering at the website, and although some terms and conditions apply, this is pretty much free money to bet for almost straight after you’ve created your account.

Additionally, some websites also offer their customers to get cash back on their deposits. This means that every time a player has wagered a certain amount of money, regardless of winning or losing, he will receive a bonus. This is a very popular form of promotions, and you will find it amongst many of the most well known bookmakers online. We can recommend that you visit some sportsbook review websites, with some of the best sportsbooks such as bet365 and Lbapuestas, one of them is pronostico quiniela.

Be aware that the terms and conditions for cash back offers can be rather complicated, so make sure to read them through thoroughly before accepting the bonus. This is necessary, as you will find out what you have to do in order to actually be able to cash out the bonus later. This might involve certain bet limits, or what types of games you can play on. If you don’t fulfill these conditions your bonus will most likely not be available for withdrawal.

Another common form of condition for sports betting bonuses is a wagering requirement. This is done simply so that players can’t take their bonus and cash it out immediately. Usually a player needs to wager the bonus a certain amount of times before the bonus money turns into “real money”, usually around 2-6 times. The lower the wagering requirement, the easier it is going to be for you to cash out your winnings. While this might seem a bit annoying, it’s actually not as hard as it might sound, and can usually be done in a reasonable amount of time.

Some bonus programs can also be dependent on which deposit method you use. As credit and debit cards are growing in popularity, some sportsbooks choose to reward players for depositing with that method, and also there are usually no fees for depositing with credit or debit cards. Sometimes, the bookmaker might have a deal with depositing methods such as Neteller, and therefore give out bonuses to each player choosing to deposit with them. Here again, it’s important to carefully read the terms and condition for the offer your contemplating.

Although the terms and conditions of sports betting bonuses might seem a bit though to grasp, it’s still a great way for punters to gamble without spending too much of their own money, so it’s definitely worth the time it takes to read them through. These bonuses can make the difference between an average betting run and a great night of betting with financial profits.

Three keys to sports betting

Sports betting have become a worldwide activity, and millions of people now enjoy wagering on sports on a variety of sports. Sports betting can really spice up the experience of a match, and although sports are exciting enough as it is, it’s never wrong to make it even better and maybe even make some money doing it! There are a ton of different sportsbooks on the internet, where experienced players as well as beginners can place bets on their most loved sport teams. Getting in to the world of sports betting is easy, simply sign up to a website and start playing, but before that, there are a few things you should be aware of.

Just like any type of business, bookmakers are out to make profit as they have employees to pay, and are in no way a charity. They make money from both winning and losing bets. This does not necessarily make them untrustworthy, but it’s definitely something that everyone should now, and you might want to be a bit strategic and choose the bookmakers that take the least profit from your bets.

One of the key things to understand is that bookmakers set their odds on a game based on the perception that the public has on a certain game, and not always based on which team is actually the strongest. Therefore, it is important for punters to make their own research before a game in order to get a clear picture instead of going by what the bookmaker states. To learn more about odds try visiting, which has guides as well as recommendations for online sportsbooks, such as Miapuesta.

Secondly, it’s extremely important when it comes to sports wagering that you always make the bet that logically makes sense from a strategic point of view, and not to bet on the outcome that you hope for. Some people advice not betting on your favorite team as you are much more likely to bet on emotions rather than a strategically correct bet.

Last but not least, when you’re placing a wager on a game, you want to wait as close as you can before the game starts. You might wonder why, and we’ll tell you. In certain sports, such as football which is the most popular sport to bet on, the risk of injuries is always high. An injured star player can very well make the difference of winning or losing, and so can weather conditions. In these cases, it’s always good to wait until the very end before making your bet, so that you can make the bet that makes the most sense given the current situation.

Bonus Terms for Online Casinos

Bonuses are one of the keystones for any successful casino today, and the number one reason why a player signs up to play at a particular website. If you’ve been playing casino games for a while, we’re sure you know a lot about casino bonuses already. When you accept a deposit bonus though, you must accept a certain set of terms and conditions to follow before you can cash out any winnings of your account. This is because no casino can afford to give out free money, like for example giving a 100% bonus on a deposit up to €100, if the player could just deposit €100, receive €200 in his or hers account and then straight afterwards withdraw €200 just to take the profit.

Therefore, players have to fulfill the terms of the particular bonus before he can cash out his money. Some common terms in the world of online casino bonuses are:

Wagering requirement: The player has to wager a certain amount of money in the casino before the bonus money turns in to real money. This is usually 20-40 times the original bonus amount, but can be higher if the bonus is of a large amount of money. The wagering requirement can take some time to complete, but if you bet smart it’s not that hard.

Time limit: Sometimes the bonus comes with a time limit, usually a couple of weeks. That means that if the player has not completed the wagering requirement in the given time, the bonus will be taken back by the casino.

Game regulations: In general, some games contribute less to the wagering requirement than the other, particularly blackjack and roulette. So called “safe bets” are not allowed either, such as betting on both black and red in Roulette.

There are several websites that lists the best bonuses in relation to their terms and conditions, one of the most well known being that focuses on Spanish speaking websites.